Juneau Cabaret

Sunday, April 27th, 7 pm
Rockwell, 109 S Franklin, Juneau, Alaska

Featuring these singers:

Jack Brandt, Cameron Brockett, Ashley Carrillo, Beatrice Caujolle, Callie Conerton, Jonas Decena, Eve Dillingham, Joann Flora, John Haywood, Brooke Leslie, Tom Melville, Bobbi Mitchell, Mike Pearson, Deborah Smith, Michelle Turinsky


And these accompanists:

Pianists Robert Cohen, Derek Dzinich, Jacque Farnsworth, Beverly Haywood, Tom Locher, Jim Noel, and drummer David Sheakley


Food and drink:

Rockwell is back in business so we can order drinks and food from their fabulous new menu!


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